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what people say about us!

Here are a few things that some of our clients say about us...

Socialize Agency

"We’ve worked with the Threelancers for almost 2 years now shooting social content for various F&B brands including PAUL, Eataly, Butcher Shop and Grill, and New Shanghai. Their work differentiates them from the rest and is extremely aesthetically appealing and truly perfect for social use. They’re also really nice and genuine individuals who we truly enjoy working with. They’re super proactive and creative with their ideas, and I feel safe and confident if I’m unable to attend a shoot that they’ll get the job done perfectly. They’re also super cooperative and it’s truly a pleasure to work with them and I definitely recommend them to anyone!"

Tania's Teahouse

"Our favorite creative agency to work with by far, is threelancers. Their content creation & ideation is out of the box thinking, unique, completely on brand & results driven, and their photography is always high quality, engaging & aesthetic. Their work ethic is stellar and they are so pleasant, professional & creative to work with. Their prices as well are great and they create such engaging newsletters and social content that has been integral in generating traffic and revenue for the business; they really are an important facet to Tania’s Teahouse and we wouldn’t be where we are now without them! I cannot say I’ve ever had a better experience or felt this level of trust with external company besides Threelancers."

Lena Lu 

"One of the best content creators in UAE. Their wonderful work helped us to reach our targets much more quickly. We have, and will continue to, recommend their services to other companies."


"One of the most talented groups we have worked with. They understood the ideas we wanted immediately and produced creative content. They were also flexible with us for the payments and it was a pleasure to work together."

Doce Nata

"Working with Threelancers its an authentic pleasure. 

From the moment that you meet these girls with their big smiles and even better attitude you know they will be the right fit. 

They have very attractive packages and most important are super understanding and flexible with your needs which is highly appreciated specially once starting a business. 

They help us achieve that perfect aesthetic that we were looking for our brand . We explained them very briefly the concept and the first set of photos came out even better than we could have expected.

Ever since , they are our right hand once it comes to marketing help ! 

Highly recommend them!"


"Having Threelancers manage our Social Media accounts was amazing, it helped us focus on our business more. Also, we found that the girls were really easy to work with and always up-to date with Social Media trends in f&b."

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